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Laying New Turf

3D Landscape Rendering

3D still renders & animated site walkthrough

Damkar in Watermark

Damkar in Watermark

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3D Landscape Walkthrough

My foray into 3D landscaping began in 2018 when a client reached out to me in response to a graphic design ad I had running at the time.  They wanted to show clients their landscape proposals in an animated video format.  The videos seen here are a result of that inquiry, with the latest design (Hillside Terrace) a project that was completed in 2023 in collaboration with Guys Hill Landscaping.

Still Renders

The still renders in this gallery coincide with the videos above.  The visuals for this gallery were created in VizTerra with one exception of the custom kitchen in Hillside Terrace, which was modelled in Sketchup.  All renders were completed in VizTerra.

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