Efficient quality output is the driving force behind everything at GrindleDesign! 


I am 100% client focused and take pride in delivering exceptional design experiences.  This is clear as we start the tailored to you customer service process and carry that through the various stages of visual and graphic design, production, delivery / installation and finally to customer support of your finished projects. I strive to deliver the highest quality products together with outstanding service.

My background consists of more than 10 years in both sign and print design. I excel at creating easy - to - read functional designs.  My portfolio includes designing for a variety of outputs including production and manufacturing, print media, and digital / web graphics.  See the Projects section for some of my work samples.


Let's collaborate on your next project. I am available coast to coast to work remotely, or if you need an on premise graphic designer in the Calgary and surrounding area please leave your contact information and a description of your project and/or requirements and I will be happy to get back to you.



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